Igi (bag shape 7)
Igi (bag shape 7)
Igi (bag shape 7)

Igi (bag shape 7)



Create your own unique design of handwoven bags and make your wish a handmade reality...

Size: 24x16; 24x24; 21x16

Circle: 17 cm

* A Hama branded box is included as a gift (white color, 3 mm thick wooden substitute)

* Both short and long handle (if desired).

* The material is wood (6 mm thick), treated with water-based paint, two layers of varnish and protective oil.

* The engraving has an aging (vintage) effect.

* On the inner side of the tree, a leather substitute is glued, which can be seen from the slits according to the colors.

* Wood colors: light wood color; the color of hama wood; yellow tree, red tree, blue tree, green tree.

* Knitted colors: white, pink, red, green, blue, black, yellow, burgundy purple.

When confirming the purchase, leave us a message in the comment box with the exact design, shape and colors (wooden and woven).

There is no extra charge for the desired design, our designer will help you to assemble the design:

Write to us directly from the site, through the messenger button, we will answer you during business hours <3

* Desired design is made within 3-4 days after ordering <3

* It can be sent to any address throughout Georgia.

* The size of the bag can be changed at will, only if the size changes, the price is added.

* There is no price added to the new desired design!



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