About Us

Welcome to hama.ge online store.

Our company was founded in 2016 and continues to make the wishes of customers a handmade reality.

Create your own unique designs and make your wish a handmade reality...

The order is prepared within 2-3 working days - with the desired design
Delivery service throughout Georgia
Delivery terms:
Tbilisi 5 GEL, city 8 GEL, village 12 GEL.
  The courier will deliver to the address within 1-3 working days after dispatch (Tbilisi the next day, region 1-2 working days, village 2-3 working days)
The wood is painted with water-based paint (safe).
Covered with varnish as well as a safe wood oil that protects against stains, damage or discoloration
Engraving has a vintage (aging) effect, on which colors can be drawn (red, black, blue, blue, yellow, green...).
The product is created using a unique method that is the only one in the world and distinguishes it from similar products.
All the pictures we have are taken by us
More and more pages/startups are using our photos.
Please note the copyright.
Each discovered fact will be uploaded to our page - in an album by name (users also help us, anonymity is preserved, of course)

Frequently Asked Questions:
Where to view/buy HAMA products:
Our store is temporarily closed until the new branch is opened. Orders will be received by mail (5 GEL) or you can take them out of our company.
Where/how to place an order?

- Existing designs can be ordered on the website https://hama.ge.
- Order any desired item on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/hama.georgia/
You choose the desired item, you choose or create a design, size/shape, you don't hide anything from us, you just tell us and the order is accepted :)))
How many days does it take to make an order?
- As a rule, it takes 1-2 working days to make an order (weekends are not counted). In the case of quantity (corporate orders) it depends on the quantity and type of products.
When is the payment made (on Facebook)?
- The full amount of the order is paid in advance, by crediting it to the account, only after you receive a confirmation from us that the order has been received and we will be able to manufacture it. After depositing the amount, you send us a photo of the receipt.
  How to transfer money to you (FB)?
- Money can be deposited through any bank/internet bank.
TBC Bank :
Ltd. Hama,

  How/where is the pre-made item received? (All of them are agreed with the customer in advance)
- Mail: can be sent only to Tbilisi and district centers. 5/8/12 GEL is added to the cost of postage.
The item arrives at the address within 2 days (usually the next day) after the order is sent.
  Can I send you the desired photo, and is the price added in this case?
- You can choose from our already made designs, edit them according to your own taste or create the desired completely unique design, in this case the price is not added, no!
What kind of pages do notebooks have?
- Leather-bound notebooks have white unlined pages (120 grams), spiral-bound notebooks have lined/lined pages.
  Do you accept corporate orders and does the order quantity affect the price?
- We have corporate orders and the price is accordingly different compared to the retail price. In the case of quantity, the price is lower if the products are uniform (slightly different designs from each other).
  Sizes, prices and other short descriptions are written in the corresponding product album description, despite the design changes, the prices are not added, no! :))
  Where can your products be viewed/rated/purchased?
- chain of bookstores "Libra"
• Farnavaz Mefi #1, in Dighom Goodwill
• Tsintsadze St. #12, Axis Business Center (the largest selection of Hama products)
• Karvasla, 3rd floor, 599 58 99 63, store "Atare Georgian Wear Georgian"
Notebook sizes and prices:
with leather binders (number of sheets - 30, color - white without lines)
14x10 - 15 GEL
19x14 - 25 GEL
with iron rings (number of sheets - 50, color - white without lines)
19x14 - 30 GEL
28x20 - 50 GEL
Spiral bound (number of sheets 70, boxed)
21x15 - 28 GEL
Tip ----- Spiral and iron ring binding is more practical than leather binding (pages can be unfolded much more freely) !!!
  Photo album:
Image size: 15x10 cm (A6) Cover size: 14x20 - 40 GEL - for 30 photos, horizontal 10x15 (with 2 iron rings, 30 sheets) 28x20 - 60 GEL - for 90 photos, 60 horizontal 10x15, 30 vertical 15x10 (with 3 iron rings, 30 paper)
If you have any of these and other questions, you can contact us on the following numbers: 571 009 644, 579 177 178